The Manager's Tearooms and Restaurant

Restaurant, Tearooms, Tea & Coffee Wholesalers in Bakers Hill, The Avon Valley, Western Australia

The Property was originally taken up in 1884 by Edward Keane, who received it as part payment for constructing the Chidlow Wells - York Railway Line.


Edward Keane

Keane was an English born Engineer who came to Western Australia to build Railway lines, of which he built 500 miles. He was also head of the Water Board, built the Fremantle Town Hall and finished St. George's Cathederal, owned Timber Mills, and was the biggest employer of labour in Western Australia.


Mt. Baker Estate in the 1930's

Keane also built a 2 Storey, 20 room Country Residence which burnt down in a Bush Fire in 1899. Fires were a huge problem at this time, often caused by the trains which passed next to the Property.


A Painting of how the Winery used to look.

Edward Keane eventually went bankrupt, through no fault of his own, and the Winery was taken over by the National Bank of Australia. It was sold to a William Wood in 1903 who then sold it  in 1911 to Richard Hooper. It stayed in the Hooper Family for the next 60 years.


Hoopers outside the Winery

The Winery Building is now partly Rebuilt, but there is still plenty to do!


The Old Winery as it looks now



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