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Restaurant, Tearooms, Tea & Coffee Wholesalers in Bakers Hill, The Avon Valley, Western Australia

Not being satisfied with the quality of coffee normally available in Perth, we decided to import our own, and after trying samples from different countries, we ended up importing both Coffee and Tea from the Yunnan Province in China. We are our supplier's only Australian customer - he sells the rest to Germany, the Middle East and South America. Yunnan is the province where tea is thought to have originated.


Our Tea and Coffee is served in the Restaurant and is also available retail or wholesale and can be either purchased in person or ordered by phone or over the Internet.


Not only do we serve Tea and Coffee in the Restaurant, but you can also buy some to take home!

                                                                 Price List

                                                                                 Retail                       Wholesale

 Yunnan Green Tea "300"                   $5.00 per 50gm.        $30.00 per Kg.

  Yunnan Green Tea "301"                  $5.00                         $30.00

  Yunnan Green Tea "30-17"               $5.00                         $30.00

  Mao Feng Green                               $7.00                         $38.00

  Pine Needle Green                            $7.00                         $38.00

  Silver Pekoe                                      $8.00                         $40.00

  White Pekoe Temple                         $8.00                         $40.00

  Oolong Tea                                       $8.00                         $40.00


  Yunnan Black Tea "200"                   $5.00                         $30.00

  Yunnan Black Tea "201"                    $5.00                         $30.00

  Golden Tips                                       $6.00                          $35.00

  Mao Feng Black                                 $7.00                          $38.00 

  Golden Pekoe                                    $8.00                          $40.00

  Puerh Tea                                          $6.00                          $35.00

  Puerh Mini Tuo                                   $7.00                          $38.00

  Puerh Bing 100gm.                             $19.00 each               $70.00


  Lapsang Souchong                            $8.00                          $40.00

  Jasmine Flower Tea                            $6.00                          $35.00

  Jasmine Dragon Pearls                       $9.00                          $75.00

    (Buddha Tears)

  Royal Chrysanthemum                        $6.00                          $35.00

  Don't Forget Me (Forget-me-not)         $6.00                          $35.00

  Jasmine Flower Balls                           $2.00 each                         $35.00

                                                                  Retail Pkts.       

   Tuo Cha 150gm.                                   $9.00                         $5.50

  Yung & Ling Green 100gm.                  $5.00                          $3.50

  Yung & Ling Black 100gm.                   $5.00                          $3.50

  Puerh Tea 100gm.                                 $6.00                          $4.00

  Jasmine Flower 100gm.                        $6.00                          $4.00

  Tea Bags (20)                                         $5.00                          $3.50

  Coffee Beans 100gm.                           $6.00                          $4.00

  Coffee Powder 100gm.                         $5.00                          $3.50

  Espresso Beans 250gm.                       $6.00                        $18.00/Kg.





These Teas & Coffees come from the Yunnan province in China were it is believed tea originated, and where there are 1000 year old tea trees still in production!

Our teas are of the finest quality and are therefore best appreciated without milk or sugar.

We also stock a select few of the art teas, which open up like a flower when hot water is added. We are our Supplier's only Australian Customer - The rest goes to Germany, the Middle East and South America.

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